Engineering Manager

Have vast experience in managing Software development and validation teams. Managed highly successful Internet, desktop, mobile, and system software application development teams. Rich experience in Software product conceptualization, development, validation and release. Successfully managed and delivered many critical projects and products. Experience in building and grooming highly successful new software development teams. Defined clear goals, objectives, and metrics to achieve greater engineering excellence for the team. Possess strong people development and project management (PMP certified) skills.

Experience Engineering Manager, Visual and Parallel Computing Group, Intel Corporation. Currently leading Intel's graphics (GPU) driver and firmware software validation team, and delivered many product lines over the years, these softwares powers graphics capability of billions of Intel devices (PCs, Tablets and Smartphones).

IT Manager: Information Technology Group, Intel Corporation. Lead many teams to deliver world class fault tolerant enterprise class application for Intel's Information technology division, by using gamut of Internet and Cloud technologies.

Recognition Star Manager Award, Department Recognition Award


Programming is my passion, hands on with programming even today, done programming from my school days, started with developing windows desktop products using Visual C++ and MFC (visit to get glimpse of my early work), extensive experience in developing enterprise class web applications using .NET, C#, MSSQL, worked on global scale web application development and deployment, developed many mobile apps for iOS devices. (visit, a recent attempt to solve app discovery problem thorough natural language search)

Skills C, C++, MFC,COM, MSSQL Server, MySQL, ASP.NET, C#, Java, Objective C, JavaScript, CSS 2.0

Recognition Divisional Awards, Best Software App design award


Painting is my hobby. During school and college days done some serious paintings. Only few of them remained with me, others are in the possession of great patrons of my painting. see few of them here.

My personal Blog

My thoughts and experiences of the past, scribbled randomly here in my blog.